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UVM and OVM training

22/07/10 | by brian [mail] | Categories: OVM, SystemVerilog, UVM

Esperan has just released it's UVM training class - SystemVerilog Advanced Verification using UVM1.0ea. This is a version of our hugely popular OVM training, adapted to use the Accellera's Early Adopter version of the UVM library.


If you are new to SystemVerilog Verification, or are considering transitioning to UVM, then we recommend the UVM training class.


If, however, you are existing OVM users, then the current OVM class may be preferable.


At the moment, since UVM1.0 = OVM2.1, it is possible to take either the OVM or UVM class and be able to write verification environments with either library. However, as future development is concentrated on UVM, we expect significant differences to start to appear between OVM and UVM training by the end of the year.



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