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UVM 1.0 released

17/05/10 | by brian [mail] | Categories: OVM, SystemVerilog, UVM

The first official release of UVM 1.0 EA (early adopter) kit is now available from the Accellera web site. The main difference between UVM1.0EA and OVM2.1.1 is to rename all ovm_* identifiers to uvm_* .

More specifically the renaming is as follows:-

  • ovm_ replaced with uvm_
  • OVM_ replaced with UVM_
  • tlm_ replaced with uvm_tlm_
  • TLM_ replaced with UVM_TLM_

and yes - there is a script in the kit to do this automatically.


There's a couple of other things to watch out for if you try using this release:-

Follow up:

  • There are some enhancements to the OVM2.1.1 objection and callback mechanisms that "introduce some minor backward incompatibilities" to OVM2.1.1 - check the release notes for more details.
  • All the deprecated OVM features have been removed from UVM1.0, so if you were using any of that old legacy stuff, now's the time to stop.


Apart from these minor potential gotchas, the release is "production ready" and, as expected, maintains OVM-levels of documentation with Class Reference and User Guide in PDF, and html help files.


Overall this is pretty impressive - Accellera aimed for a release in April, and here we are only a couple of week late, but with a rock-solid UVM release almost completely backwards compatible with the latest OVM version and with full, unstinting support from the Cadence, Mentor and Synopsys verification teams.



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