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« UVM 1.0 released :: OVM2.1.1 Released »

UVM1.0 Update - to be based on OVM2.1.1

03/05/10 | by brian [mail] | Categories: OVM, UVM

The Accellera committee responsible for defining the new UVM standard have had a change of mind, and have formally voted to base UVM on the latest release of the OVM library, version 2.1.1, rather than OVM2.0.3 which was the original decision.


This is a good decision from Accellera and great news for existing OVM users. Engineers can now use the new features of OVM2.1 (objection mechanisms, callbacks etc) with the knowledge that they will work in UVM. Needless to say there has been a fair amount of relief on the Cadence and Mentor verification blogs.


So the bottom line, as aptly defined by Tom Anderson from Cadence, is that "UVM = OVM" now, but with the Accellera committee moving onto new features and technology, we fully expect "UVM > OVM". His blog post is well worth a visit.



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